Our Cuisine

Though our menus are heavily West African, we integrate some of the flavor profiles across the continent to bring to you the essence of these culinary delights with our spin on these classics.  We hope to enrich the flavors which you may already know and (re)introduce them to you in a new way.  In our cooking, we select local and seasonal ingredients along with some of the more traditional grains and proteins to translate Africa’s bounty to the table.  You will also notice offal, slow cooking and bold flavors. We hope to bring new value in some of the often overlooked ingredients from the region.  For us, eating is a celebration of food’s origins, the paths it travels on the way to our tables, and the people whom it brings together through the journey.  Our meals tell the story of the places we have been, the cultures which we have interacted with and the people whom we have had the pleasure to meet.  We hope you enjoy our interpretation.